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Full-Service digital marketing to make your small business have BIG impact.

At the Marketing House, we're all about helping YOU make the most of digital marketing and creative content. We're a friendly bunch of experts who are stoked to help you create a tailor-made strategy that's perfect for your goals, budget, and brand vibe.

As a small business, we know it's hard to balance time constraints, overwhelming options, keeping up with trends and working to build a consistent brand presence. We're here to take all the guesswork out and help you meet all of your goals!

we specialize in helping tap into the power of marketing to grow and thrive

Fear and fatigue

Content marketing overwhelm

Business blues and client crickets

Failed marketing campaigns

Wondering about what you should post

Spending hours trying to figure out SEO

It's time to say goodbye to:

We'll be your biz BFF helping you WIN in marketing and help you meet your goals

We've got the marketing strategy your biz has been begging for

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Creative Brand Photography & Videography

Social Media Management

Services customized for you 

and more!

Get started for $450/month

3x/week strategic posting on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories (client provides images)

Content Creation (reels, photos, etc)

Email Marketing

Daily monitoring of comments on social posts

Daily strategic plan for growth on social


Possible services:

Listen, we know how time consuming it is to own a business. Let us help you take one thing off your plate and help you grow on social media! We will post your content to Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories strategically and make sure we're reaching the right people! We will also monitor comments on all of your posts and help you develop a strategic plan to grow on Instagram! 

A done-for-you social media marketing strategy and content plan to help you showcase your story and help your business soar.

Social Media Management

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Video Ad Creation

Product Photos

Website Photography/Videography

Print ad design

If it involves a camera, we've got you!

Possible Services...

With over 20 years of experience in photography, videography, and design, Jessica and the Team here at The Marketing House LOVE creating new and fun media pieces.

Need an ad for the Parkway Theater or to run on Facebook? How 'bout a video to put on your website? We've got this!

Are you in need of mouth-watering product photos, website photography, ad design, or even brand videos for TV commercials or your website?

Creative Brand Photography & Videography

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Get the ball rollin'

Develop a "social selling" strategy so that those social posts actually lead to leads and sales

Help you develop digital products to increase your bottom line

Direct you in setting up a YouTube channel, podcast, or other content medium

Develop an email marketing strategy (so important) and so much more!

Some things we can do:

Most people approach marketing and social media in a way where they're just posting, because they know they should, but they have no idea why they're posting, and they REALLY don't have a strategy behind it.

That's ok if that's you because marketing isn't your job - it's ours!

Let us strategically help you plan your marketing and social media.

Note: this is included in our social media management package

We do not believe in the "post and run" strategy here!

Marketing Strategy

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For small businesses ready to boost their biz and take it to the next level!




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A one-hour marketing consultation call with The Marketing House team


Full planning and execution of one, three-month long marketing campaign

THE campaign

No one ever said you couldn't have it all. 

Specializing in creating strategies that work for you, we can help you meet (and surpass) your marketing goals!

Within a week, the Marketing House team was able to increase reach, engagement and follower count! 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a marketing education company called Hey Jessica, where I help entrepreneurs all over the country start, build, and grow their businesses. As a national speaker, iTunes top 100 podcast host, YouTuber with almost 200,000 subscribers, and marketing strategist, I’ve edutained (entertained + educated) thousands of entrepreneurs and I’m ready to bring my expertise to my local area & beyond with the Marketing House, a full-service digital marketing agency.

I believe that together we can take your small biz to the next level!

Hey , I'm Jessica. 

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